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It began with the simple act of putting paint to canvas.  In 2014, lifelong artist Anjl Rodee taught a small painting class in downtown Seattle and quickly recognized the joy and transformation that it brought to everyone in attendance. In a short while, the business grew.  She chose the name BrushCapades to represent the escapade, or creative journey, that happens when you pick up a paintbrush and express yourself through color and creativity.  In 2019, Rob Buchert, Anjl’s favorite brother, joined to extend the reach of BrushCapades to his home city of St. Louis and beyond.  The mission of BrushCapades will always be to provide the warmth, inspiration, humor, and care that we were founded upon.  We invite you to take the journey of free expression, creativity and artistic technique and discover the creative spirit that is within you!

Expression through art provides countless benefits, including stress relief, creative thinking, and a boost in self esteem and sense of accomplishment.  Even if you’ve never painted before and think that you have no talent, be assured that there is a creative spirit inside of you that loves to come out to play!  


Anjl Rodee

Anjl Rodee is a Grumbacher-Certified Master Acrylics Painter has first-hand knowledge of how thrilling it is to try something new. As an artist and improv comic, Anjl started BrushCapades for the sole purpose of using entertainment to help people accomplish something they never thought possible: painting their own masterpiece.

Rob Buchert

Rob Buchert has more than 30 years of professional business experience based in multimedia, education, and artistic communications.  He is best known for being a people-centric leader with an ability to move organizations forward through a combination of culture, innovation, and technology.


Here is just some of the awesome corporate clients that we have had the pleasure to work with:


We did this for a team building activity with 25 people and it was a blast. BrushCapades was willing to come to our site and host the activity. Everything was set up very professionally and organized for the entire team. The instructor was so much fun and really kept things entertaining during the entire activity. We will absolutely be doing this again! – Jessica N. 

We painted the Skyline at night and omg, best experience. Went as a couple for my birthday and it was both of our first time doing this… I had so much fun, but I think my boyfriend enjoyed it more than I did; which was surprising because he was opposed to the whole idea at first. Our instructor was so helpful to the both of us, she kept answering our (his) frequent questions, the pace she taught was perfect, and the supplies/materials were always being either replenished or replaced. THANK YOU! – Jahita B. 

This was absolutely awesome. Our instructor is delightful, helpful, knowledgable, encouraging – really everything you want in a teacher who is also fun. She helped everyone work through any issues with their paintings, and I think everyone left feeling a little bit like an artist. This couldn’t have been more fun! – Racheal P.