St. Louis

St. Louis

February 21st 2020 7pm

Let’s Celebrate Spring Together! Join us to learn how to paint the beautiful “Sunflowers” on a 16″X20″ canvas. All painting supplies are included – Feel free to bring your own refreshments.  We are excited to join up with the City of Hazelwood to hold a fun paint session.  See you there!
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Fun and memorable Holiday Events!

A BrushCapades paint party is a great way share the joy of the season with co-workers, family, and friends.  Whether it’s for a company, social group, or private party with friends and family , it’s a great way to share joy, laughter ,and creativity. With a minimum of 10 people and affordable prices, we bring the party to you!  Contact us today for more information and scheduling.   Call 314-207-5300 or email to schedule your next painting event!

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Summer 2019 at the St. Louis Gateway Arch Riverfront!

We were extremely proud to represent St. Louis to visitors at the Gateway Arch this summer!  With our location right on the riverfront, our Pop Up Paintshop allowed visitors really “paint the town” and create a truly unique and special keepsake of their visit to St. Louis and the riverfront.   Call 314-207-5300 or email to schedule your next painting event! #stlriverfront #gatewayarch #brushcapades#brushcapadesstl #paintingisfun #artforthepeople 


Congrats to our #STLBlues! 

We loved being part of the celebration downtown!

 Summer season is in full swing!  It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and explore your creative side.  Call us for more information on our paint party events and scheduling.  Call 314-207-5300 or email to schedule your next painting event!  

COMING SOON!  Brushcapades Arch Artist Paint Shop Paint your own one-of-a-kind souvenir at drop-in painting sessions beneath the soaring Gateway Arch! Arch Artist Paint Shop provides all the tools and guidance needed to create a 5 x 7 canvas masterpiece. The process takes approximately 20 minutes start to finish, but there is no time limit. St. Louis-themed artwork includes the Arch, riverboats, Old Cathedral, St. Louis Skyline, St. Louis Cardinal-inspired, Eads Bridge, the Mississippi and more! You’ll love exploring your creative side and working alongside friends, families and other visitors near the historic cobblestone riverfront.

Whether you’re a budding Picasso or haven’t touched a paint brush since the 6th grade, BrushCapades offers public classes that can help you get a new perspective on painting, or hone the skills you already have.  Check out the local city event calendar to find a date and choose a particular painting that you would love.  Bring a date – or a few friends – or family with you!  Public classes provide a great atmosphere to learn and meet new friends.  Best of all, these events are designed to help you have fun and walk away with your very own masterpiece! BrushCapades Public Classes are ENTIRELY BYOB. Bring whatever fuels your creativity!
For a truly memorable experience, BrushCapades hosts personalized paint parties for all types of social events and gatherings. Whatever the occasion, everyone has fun and enjoys an artist guided two hour session while they create a masterpiece on large canvas! It’s all the fun and creativity of our public class but personalized for your own group.  BrushCapades will help find a time and venue that is most convenient to those attending and also works best for the party size and refreshment needs.
Fun for all ages and perfect for carnivals, festivals, picnics, and private parties: This special experience is offered “family buffet style” and is specifically designed for participants to take a sit down “creative break” and recharge amidst all the fun. The end result is a fun creative expression on a smaller canvas that is a wonderful take-home memory of the event.
Provide your employees with a truly memorable event. Company sponsored painting provides a truly unique and memorable experience for your employees that is a welcome change from the regular old company event. In our “Artist Creator” workshop series, we specialize in corporate events that are truly impactful and designed to inspire, motivate, and empower people. Whether the goal is to inspire creative expression, problem solving, or team building, it can be done through the medium of the mind and power of the palette!
Call 314-207-5300 or email for more information.